We are happy to announce the official release of MassMetaSite 4.1!


The new 4.1 version includes new Macro Molecule module and following general improvements: possibility to process Bruker data -dependent TIMS-TOF data, enhanced Isotope labeling processing setting, new Most Abundant Mass (MAM) setting, possibility to skip Substrate raw file, improved Mass list generation, possibility to read Radio measurements from raw files, improved connection to UNIFI server and much more.


In the new Macro Molecule module we implemented new interface with a new visualization for peptides. We are also glad to present a new Processing setting for Macro Molecule (Monomer definition rules and Reaction groups) and exporting to excel report in batch in Small Molecule module.


For more information and references: https://www.leadmolecular.com/massmetasite/

To request a test license, visit https://www.moldiscovery.com/software/massmetasite/ 

And to see what MassMetaSite Macro Molecule can do for you check the videos of BioPharma Solutions on https://www.leadmolecular.com/practical-applications-for-drug-discovery-2020-webinars/