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Practical applications for Drug Discovery 2020 WEBINARS

November 16, 2020 - November 20, 2020

Solutions for: Chemistry, Pharma DMPK, BioPharma, OMICS and computational chemistry


If you want to attend to one or more than one of these webinars please go to Tickets and Registration


*Central European Time Zone

The sessions are recorded and will be repeated in the next morning for those that the planned schedule might not suitable


Monday 16th November 2020


4:00 PM Introduction to the webinars

Our vision for Mass Spec software development

4:15 PM Solutions for Chemistry

Late stage Functionalization automation of MS driven structure elucidation

5:00 PM Solutions for Computational Chemist

Chemically-aware molecular and atomic descriptors for medicinal chemistry applications

5:45 PM Solutions for Chemistry

Force degradation studies for chemicals



Tuesday 17th November 2020


4:00 PM Solutions for Pharma DMPK

DMPK workflows: HT MS for clearance determination

4:45 PM Solutions for Pharma DMPK

PROTAC Metabolite Identification

5:30 PM Solutions for Pharma DMPK

Automation of Metabolite identification

6:15 PM Solutions for Computational Chemist

Data and prediction on the same place



Wednesday 18th November 2020


4:00 PM Spatial OMICS and MetID

Comprehensive, vendor-neutral, high-throughput imaging mass spectrometry data analysis

4:45 PM Spatial OMICS and MetID

Ion Mobility MSI: adding a new dimension to spatial metabolomics

5:30 PM Spatial OMICS and MetID

Spatial localization and identification of drug and metabolites



Thursday 19th November 2020


4:00 PM Biopharma Solutions

Proprietary peptide visualization within MassMetaSite

4:45 PM Biopharma Solutions

Metabolite ID for peptides made simple

5:30 PM Solutions for Chemistry

PROTAC Analysis: Analysis of chemical reactions

6:15 PM Solutions for Chemistry

UNIFI Connection for any workflow



Friday 20th November 2020


4:00 PM Solutions for OMICS

Untargeted and targeted lipidomics: from raw data to bio-pathways

4:45 PM Solutions for OMICS

Solutions for flux analysis

5:30 PM Solutions for OMICS

Biomarkers discovery and beyond: the trend analysis


November 16, 2020
November 20, 2020


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Molecular Horizon
Lead Molecular Design