Lead Molecular Design, S.L. (LMD) is a small company born in 2002. We are located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a small town near Barcelona, in Spain. Here at LMD we develop software to help drug design and lead optimization process, and also do contract research organizations on these fields for several pharmaceutical companies abroad.

We are working in collaboration with Molecular Discovery, Ltd (www.moldiscovery.com) on the research and development of a number of solutions for prediction of the Site of Metabolism (SoM), compound structure elucidation based on Mass Spectral and NMR data, database all these multiple results and applications to mine, extract and transform the data into information and ultimately knowledge to reduce the make-design cycle in drug discovery for both small and macromolecules.

All this work has led to a number of commercialized software: MetaSite, MassMetaSite, WebMetabase and MassChemSite that are distributed under agreement by Molecular Discovery, Ltd. Also a number of original application has been developed like MetaDesign, SMrT, cluster view, etc that are incorporated within these software.

Contact details:
Lead Molecular Design, S.L.
Rambla del Celler, 113, local
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallés
Phone: +34 93 590 7828
e-mail: lead@leadmolecular.com


Ismael Zamora, PhD.

Scientific Director


Fabien Fontaine, PhD.

Senior Scientific Software Developer


Tatiana Radchenko, PhD.

Field Application Scientist


Elisabeth Ortega-Carrasco, PhD.

Field Applications Scientist

Vera López

Project Manager


Xavier Pascual

Software Developer


Joan Guasp Boada

Software Developer


Albert Garriga

Software Developer


Pol Gimenez, PhD.

Software Developer