Oniro is a web container that encapsulates a number of Molecular Discovery solutions for structure elucidation, in-silico predictions, spectral database, search and reporting that could be used in multiple fields. The platform is distributed together with the WebMetabase, Compound Library, WebChembase and WebQuant applications and it is way to manage user, settings, import exported files and access to the applications itself.


This application can give access to multiple desktops of server-based applications depending on the apps that the user wants to plug into the system. The different apps can be activated by adding the license line to the code or by setting the connection in the user settings.

This web application controls:

· The licensing for the different applications; individual product licenses should be requested as usual from this page

· The user access to the different applications as well as the accessibility to the different functionalities inside the applications

· Definition of the workgroups

· Application Settings

· Import experiments from other Oniro installations

The entire Oniro system and databases are designed to be able to interpret, analyze and save Mass Spectra data. Also, the system can be used to report and design new compounds in drug discovery and development considering data from multiple sources (vendors, acquisition, experiments, departments, etc..).

Oniro is available through Molecular Discovery, Ltd. (www.moldiscovery.com)

If you want to know more about our solutions, do not hesitate to visit our recorded videos of our Practical Applications for Drug Discovery 2020 Webinars.